1. Take a Knee

From the recording Woody Fest on the Mount


Take a Knee With Me 

Seen you on the roadside shoulder, Officer done pulled you over 
Said your taillights broken boy now step out in the street 
Heard you ask what’s this about? Heard the officer start shout 
Heard his gun come quickly out - Come on take a Knee with me 
Take a knee, take a knee, take a knee with me - everybody take a knee with me 
If you believe this land is free, come on take a knee with me 
Seen you down on Ellis Island - Far from home a thousand miles and 
Tired, poor, yet still a-smiling, yearning to breathe free 
Immigration agent frowns; says your god is too dark brown 
White House men done turn you down; Come on take a knee with me 
Seen you down at the southern border following the law and order 
Working late for 8 and a quarter; seven mouths to feed 
Border agent hunts you down; says you got to leave this town 
He don’t care ‘bout hungry mouths - come on take a knee with me 
Seen you meet the baker man - talking bout your wedding plan 
Had your fiancé in hand: two men finally free 
Heard the baker man’s disfavor - Love like yours ain’t worth his labor 
What happened to love thy neighbor? Take a Knee with me 
“Stand back up” you hear em scream. “That’s disrespect! Can’t you see?!
"Them soldiers died, now on your feet," they say to make you weak 
But I seen a tear drop from your eyes - thinking about the sacrifice 
All the men who gave their lives so you could take a knee