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The Ghost of Henry Thomas Hunt

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Ghost of Henry Thomas Hunt - Eminor

Intro - slow finger picking to 1/2 of verse
Verse 1: slow tempo

Way down down below, all the older people know
There's a road that runs through town.

Way back in the day, 'twas to be a subway
But they say (stop) all the money (stop) ran out (continue into chorus)

Way underground this old river town
There's a spook and he's having his fun
Way underground, lurking all around
Is the Ghost of Henry Thomas Hunt. (pick up tempo after this line)

-solo of verse

It was 1910 when the big businessmen
Voted Hunt for Mayor in town

Hunt found the funds. The subway was begun.
All the big (stop) businessmen (stop) were proud


Hunt was a hit, for the subway he did get
But the big businessmen had their plan

Now they had all their funds, they didn't need young Mayor Hunt
So they laid him down in the sand

Chorus (tempo change after last line of Chorus)

With the holes half-dug and the rails half-run
That's when the subway Hunting begun

railmen were maimed, steelworkers slain
and the way they went down were all unexplained

but the businessmen knew as the crews all flew
why their subway plans were askew

they claimed it was cut 'cause they ran out of funds
but they were really run out by the Ghost of Henry Thomas Hunt
-solo/chorus/repeat last line x3 (with stops) fingerpicked outro