1. Volvo Girl

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Volvo Girl

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My Volvo Girl
Written: 12/6/03

(intro – solo guitar pluck)

My good gal drives an old Volvo
It gets her to where (enter plucked banjo; washboard) she needs to golvo
(strummed banjo) Its break lights are (enter bass) broke; its bright lights are weak
But it always comes home to Senator Street

(walk guitar and banjo into Chorus)

(intro typewriter; strummed banjo)
(run along washboard) My gal, my love, my sweet drives a Volvo
It brings her home to me (guitar run)
She looks good in Volvoes
(pluck guitar/banjo) My love, my sweet on Senator Street.

(enter fiddle) The radio (fast plucked banjo) in her old Volvo
Don’t work no more ‘cuz it done got broke.
But she still sings songs (lilting plucked banjo) and taps her feet
And thinks of me on Senator Street.

-solo break (harmonica and fiddle)-

repeated rhythm build up into Bridge
V-O-L-V- (single hits on typewriter) O she’s my (speed up) She’s my love, my world, my Volvo girl (soft guitar run)

(chopped, back n forth Brownie guitar; sound of car door shutting?)
Her doors stick shut, they’re hard to budge
And they’re hard to shut once you open them up
But she gives her all to open up for me
When she picks me up on Senator Street


(watering can; downward slides from guitar, banjo, bass)
Her back left tire always goes flat
I fill it with air (enter typewriter) ‘cuz I’m nice like that
(enter plucked banjo) But it’s flat again in about a week
But that don’t stop my gal coming down old Senator Street (add guitar pluck octave like here at the end of all verses).