From the recording Woody Fest on the Mount

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Dust Pneumonia Blues (D)

I got that dust pneumony, pneumony in my lung
And I’m a gonna sing this dust pneumony song

I went to the doctor and the doctor said, “My son,
You got that dust pneumony and you ain’t got long, not long”

Now there ought to be some yodeling in this song
But I can’t yodel for the rattling in my lung

My good gal sings the dust pneumony blues
She loves me cause she’s got the dust pneumony too

If it wasn’t for chopping my hoe would turn to rust
I can’t find a woman in this black old Texas dust

Down in Oklahoma the wind blows mighty strong
If you wanna get a mama, just sing a California song

Down in Texas, my gal fainted in the rain
I throwed a bucket of dirt in her face just to bring her back again