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Maggie, Don't You Weep

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Maggie Don't You Weep – G
- moderate tempo
-intro w/ rhythm guitar (solo by Brad/Justin)

Seventeen stars in a black southern sky
Shone seventeen sets of black southern eyes
Running and roaming just as fast as they can
Making their way to the good freedom land

(Chop chorus) Maggie, don't you weep, don't you weep no more
Maggie don't you weep no more.
The lost was found when you laid your baby down
Maggie, don't you weep no more.

Poor Maggie Garner with babe on her back
Staggering behind the runaway pack
Tattered and torn, worn out and beat
Trying to keep up on her run down feet


-solo of chorus/ Justin

Down by the river poor Maggie did pray
As mean Master Gaines galloped her way
She said, "Lord have mercy on my babies and me"
But the hour was late and the Lord was asleep.

-solo of chorus/ harmonica

(chop) The blood red sun in the death black sky
Rose up on Maggie as her dagger did fly
Cut through the chains, cut through the rope
Cut through the flesh of her own son's throat

-solo of chorus/Brad

chop chorus to end (outro with flatpicked run).