1. Anderson Ferry
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Anderson Ferry

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Anderson Ferry-key of G
(capo 3rd and play in E formation
-fingerpick guitar
- rhythm guitar
- rhythm banjo
- washboard
- upright bass
- harmonica)

-intro of verse

I was down by the river
My baby on the other side
Didn’t know how to cross that thang
‘til a boat done floated by

that was the Anderson Ferry
Anderson Ferry,
Anderson Ferry: take me to the other side

Only costs a quarter
To ride to the other side
But when I reached into my pants
I only had a dime


I grabbed my harmonica
Put it up to my face
Blew and blew like an old grey mule
‘til some change fell in my case

-harmonica break

I got me that quarter
Even made a few extra cents
But when I went to pay my fare
That boat already left

Stops for this last verse
I waited so doggone long
I grew myself a beard
Finally got to the other side
But my gal done disappeared

Chorus-walk home the last line w/ ahh haa