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Red-Haired Girl

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The Girl with the Long Red Hair
Halloween, 2004

Hot black coffee, a little bit of creamer
Ice cold ice cream, just one bite
Pumpkin seeds on Halloween morning
Pumpkin pie on Halloween night

I’m in love (x3) with the girl with the blue-eyed stare
I’m in love (x3) with the girl with the long red hair

Mazdas, Volvos, none of them working
Overcoats, petticoats, none of them new
Birthday cards not one of them store bought
Birthday candles every one blew

One step, two step dancing in the morning
Three step, four step round she goes
Dance halls, discos, clubs on the corner
None of them see I’m the only one who knows

Capricorn on the cob at a cookout
Cornhole toss in the courtyard church
Prayer in sleep on Sunday morning
Prayer out loud no Monday work