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World Come Clean

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The World Will Come Clean – E-B-C#m-A
By: Jake Speed 12/24/06

The dust bound hell hounds
Tramping through the death clouds
Dirty boots stomp down piles of graves
Covered up dump yards charred up black cars
Soot-soaked air raids hate-saturated maids

Deep ocean oil slick,
tricked by a get-rich quick scam
spam-covered screened-over eyes
False pride flying in the sky, eagle high
On the list of missed survivors

All Choruses – very dreamy, full, and melodic
Chorus: I had a dream I have a dream that the world will come clean on New Year’s day/someday soon

Virus lying inside us, spouting out
Pent up passed down Mississippi scorn
Devil horns hatching out of hypocrites
Splits and rifts in the sacrificial red, white and blue

Truth muddied up in texts, old books, rejects
Making sense to whatever comes to mind
Divided by walls, appalled at calls of dissent
Desensitized to all the reasons why

Extremely Rhythmic:
The street-cleaner comes with his son
He’s a reincarnation of the chosen one
He comes from all across the world,
From all across the sea, he’s the figment
Of everybody’s last possibility

Very Frantic
He pulls out a brush, he rushes to the
Dark streetside he’s hiding absolutely nothing
When they see him down on knees
Painting trash they laugh and point to the gutter

He rises up out of ashes, passes paint to the faint
Of heart and mind
He winds up his watch, he looks to the sky
And a rain drop drips and hits him in the eye

And two by two the rain soaks through
To every single avenue and every single point of view

A few simple strokes, a few light touches
Pretty soon a bloom sprouts up from the crutches